Obsessed With AI

At GBoost Labs, we're obsessed with the potential of AI to transform small businesses. We believe AI can unlock significant opportunities, allowing small businesses to compete and succeed alongside industry giants. Join us on our journey as we discover and build practical AI tools and solutions tailored for your success. Follow us for the latest AI projects, insights, and tips to help you thrive. Connect with us on Instagram 👇

Who am I and how can I help?

Hi! My name is Gabe. I've got 12 years of experience in software engineering and solutions engineering (i.e. integrating software), and have been using AI pretty much daily since ChatGPT was released in 2022. I've taken the entrepreneurial leap multiple times, and each time I learn more and come back stronger.

After spending ~1 year in e-commerce as a solopreneur, I've decided it's a business model I'm not in love with. But I leveraged AI in practical ways to move faster than most teams of people. And after realizing how few business owners understand how to apply AI in their business, I decided this might be a better use of my skills and knowledge.

Check out my Instagram account @gboostlabs, and also some of my AI resources below 👇

What I'm currently working on...

I just released an app named Hook Fairy. Its sole purpose is to help YouTube creators hook and retain viewers. It's super easy to use, and provides creators with expert-level, actionable insights to make sure their content hooks viewers. Having a bad hook will ruin the performance of even the best video content out there, so it's important to get it right.

Links to useful resources

We use Google Drive to host most of our files. Use the links below to access them.

  • My AI Tool List - a list of AI tools I've used or tested, and what I think of them
  • New Era of AI: Thoughts and Predictions - I wrote this reflection piece after OpenAI announced their new omnimodel GPT-4o. Omnimodel is basically an AI model that is multi-modal which means it can operate over text, voice, and vision in a realtime. I also asked GPT-4o (the new model) what it thought about the future of AI and the impact it'll have on the world to compare to my own views.
  • ChatGPT: Brand Assistant - detailed walkthrough on how to make ChatGPT your own persona brand assistant
  • Brand Pillars Document (needed for the walkthrough above)
  • ChatGPT: Market Research - detailed walkthrough on how to use ChatGPT and similar chatbots to help you do some basic market research
  • When to Pay for AI Tools - a brief guide I wrote to help you determine if/when you should be paying for AI tools
  • Using Perplexity.ai for Market Research - a guide on how to use Perplexity to help with market research. (Don't know what Perplexity.ai is? Think "AI meets Google search engine.")
  • Zapier AI Automation (form > CRM > AI > email) - a detailed walkthrough on a Zapier automation that uses AI to follow-up with leads faster

Want help with AI? Reach out below!

As an entrepreneur working solo (i.e. solopreneur), I've gotten a TON of value from using AI to help out with tasks. It allowed me to move as fast as entire teams of people. Things I can help with:

  • Zapier AI automations
  • Evaluating AI tools to find one that solves a problem in your business (there are hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of tools, and a lot of them are bad...)
  • Using ChatGPT and other chat bots (Google Gemini, Anthroic Claude, Perplexity.ai, etc) like a pro
  • Learning how to use AI tools more effectively; a lot of times AI tools actually ADD more work in unexpected ways
  • In some cases, I can even build custom AI tools.

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